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 Talgo train sets in scheduled traffic

talgo trains photo gallery

Talgo train sets headed on the route Sarajevo – Doboj – Sarajevo on 26 September 2016. The new modern passenger train is called “BH train”.

It is planned to extend the current line to Banja Luka. The passengers who travel on this route from Tuzla to Sarajevo and the other way around will have a good quality connection to “BH train“ in Doboj, and thus Tuzla would be practically included in this project. Also, after the overhaul of the so-called Southern line“, the “BH train“ is planned to be put into traffic on the route Sarajevo – Mostar – Čapljina, and during the summer period to run on the line Sarajevo – Ploče.

The negotiations with Croatian railways are under way to introduce the “BH train“ to international line Sarajevo – Zagreb along with the new timetable for 2016/2017 coming into force as of this December. 

Talgo Photo Gallery 

Due to the track overhaul passenger trains do not operate on the route Čapljina – Sarajevo – Čapljina until further notice or until completion of track overhaul.



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