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  • Provides offers for transport and promotes services offered by the Railways of FBiH as the organizer of transportation on daily basis;
  • Cooperates with users in domestic and foreign traffic, providing all necessary information in connection with transport and contracting of transport on timely basis;
  • Prepares and enters into contracts and accompanying protocols (annexes) on transportation with users of transport services (contracts on payment through central accounts with foreign shipping and forwarding companies, contracts on commercial terms and conditions of transportation and manner of payment, protocols and annexes which accompany the already concluded contracts);
  • Carries out research of competing markets (road transportation), in order for the Railways of FBiH to be able to keep the current users of transport services and attract new ones, with better and cheaper services of railway transport;
  • Negotiates on all elements that can have a significant impact on contracting (needed capacities, transport price, manner and deadlines for payment, etc.);
  • Cooperates with all organizational sections, primarily with the transportation, operational, and financial sectors, with the aim of best possible organization of transportation and financial position of the enterprise;
  • Continuously holds meetings, negotiates, and invests effort at preparing all necessary elements for making and signing of contracts on transportation;
  • Provides offers for transport in combined traffic (container transport) and enters into contracts on transport in combined traffic;
  • Prepares, adopts, and applies the Tariffs of Railways of FBiH for passenger and cargo transport;
  • Develops marketing approach for improvement and enhancement of quality of transportation services;
  • Plans an active relation to the market and users for the upcoming period.
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