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Dear passengers,
Because of the great interest for travel with BH trains, please, if you are able, travel and booking tickets to buy earlier.
Pleasant journey!





Advance booking and validity deadline of train tickets

Breking off of travel

Refunding of the ticket price

Luggage transport

The transport of live animals



Advance booking and validity deadline of train tickets

Train tickets can be booked one month in advance at the earlist.

Validity deadline of train tickets :

Regular train tickets (one way tickets): For the distance up to 100 km one day, from 101 up to 400 km 2 days, and from 401 and more km 4 days.

For single train tickets (two-way travels):
For the distance up to 50 km1 day, from 51 up to 100 km 2 days, and from 101 and more km 6 days

For group voyages (voyages of a group of at least 6 adult persons):
for a one-way ticket 15 days, for a two-way ticket 30 days. 

The validity deadline of the train ticket starts at 0:01 o'clock on the first day of validity marked on the train ticket. The passenger can start his voyage on any day within the validity deadline of the ticket, but must terminate it before the validity deadline expires. The voyage must be completed on a train which arrives at the station before 24:00 o'clock on the last day of validity of the train ticket.

Train tickets can be bought at the railway station ticket-office or at the authorised traveling agencies.


The breaking off of travel

The breaking off of travel at the distances over 100 km are allowed at the passenger's request within the deadline of validity of the ticket and with the verification at the station at which the travel is broken off.

At the distances up to 100 km the breaking off of travel with the regular ticket is allowed once, and it is allowed two times  with two-way tickets, once during departure and once during the return, with the verification at the station at which it was broken off.

If the breaking off of voyage has not been verified, the ticket is unvalid for further travel.


Refunding of the ticket price

The passenger can request a refund of the ticket price (the difference in price) for unused or partly used train ticket at the ticket office at the departure or passing points.

The request for refund of the ticket price (the difference in price) is applied:

At the departure point on the first day of the validity deadline of the train ticket at the latest ;

At a passing or junction points immediately after the arrival for unused two-way tickets on the point of return (on the last day of validity of the train ticket at the latest); and for partly used tickets or unused seat in the 1st class or some other class of higher order (only with the written permission of the conductor).

If the booking office at the station is closed, the request is submitted on the next working day. The amount of money to be refunded is determined by subtracting the ticket price for the covered length of travel from the total price of the ticket in accordance to the class and type of train.

Travel booking offices at railway stations and travel agencies will not refund the ticket money or the differece in price:

If the request for refund is not submitted on time;

Due to false implementation of tariff ;

For special trains on commission;

For the voyage of a lesser number of passengers than listed on the train ticket; 

FBiH Railway Sector for Revenue Contol is authorised for the refunding of the ticket price or the difference in the ticket price provided that the request is accompanied with verified original tickets and all other required documents which show that the request is well founded.

The request for refunding the money will not be taken into consideration if the tickets are illegible, damaged or rewritten.
Unused or partly used tickets must be marked as such. If that is not the case, then the request for refunding must be accompanied with required evidence (medical report, the new ticket bought instead of the unused one etc.) 


Luggage transport

The passenger has the right to transport as hand luggage objects which can be easily brought inside the compartment and placed above and below the seat free of charge, if this is not against custom regulations and if it does not cause damage to the compartment.

A fee envisaged by the PT- Tariff for freight charges is paid for the luggage which the passenger cannot place above or below the passenger seat.

The passengers are not allowed to carry dangerous objects into compartments, especially fire arms, explosive, inflammable and corrosive matter, as well as objects which can disturb or cause damage to passengers and other objects.


The transport of live animals  

As a rule animals are not alowed to enter compartments for passengers and train restaurants. However, if it s not prohibited by veterinary order, it is allowed to carry:

Small pets in bird cages or other suitable cases which can be placed as hand luggage;

Small dogs (which are not taller from the floor to spine than 30 cm  and which can be placed on the lap);

Dogs accompanied by the officials of the Ministry of Interior, members of the army and blind people

No matter the size, dogs transported by train must have a muzzle, and bigger dogs must be held on a leash. For every dog transported on train  (except the small dogs which are kept on the lap), the owner pays half the ticket price for second class.

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