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- Distance calculator (for determining the tariff distances) and DB (Germany) cargo tariff with the price list are used as the basis for preparation of offer for transportation in contracting transportation of goods on the lines of the Railways of FBiH.


- Contracts on transportation are as a rule contracted in the form of annual contracts.


- From time to time, single contracts are entered into with term of expiration upon finalization of transport of the contracted quantities and collection of payment for the performed transport service.


- Price of transportation prices in inter-entity (domestic and international) are provided in line with DB Cargo tariff reduced by 50 percent and by commercial concession, all in accordance with the applicable Instruction on calculation of transportation costs of consignments in international traffic, Instruction Protocol no. 400/03, and Instruction on calculation of transportation costs of consignments in inter-entity traffic, Instruction Protocol no. 417/99. (Attachment no. 1).


- Calculation of fees for ancillary services is carried out in accordance with Railways of FBiH tariff for transport of goods.


- Competition in the transport services market and quantities of goods transported can also have an effect on reduction of the tariff price.

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