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Dear passengers,
Because of the great interest for travel with BH trains, please, if you are able, travel and booking tickets to buy earlier.
Pleasant journey!





Local traffic: 


For individual travels on departure and on return at all points of travel the price of two-way ticket is reduced under this privilege. The fare reduction is implemented without any special conditions. It is sufficient that the passenger wishes to buy a two-way ticket.


For individual travels of young persons up to 26 years of age who are BiH citizens and members of International Youth Associations (ISIC, ITIC, SOFS), the fare reduction is granted on the basis of a membership card of one of the stated associations which is valid for one year. The owner of the membership card must show the card when purchasing the ticket and to the conductor on the train. 
For students The basis for fare reduction is index.
For old age, invalid, and family pensioners, as well as people over 60 years of age, who are BiH citizens this privilege is granted for the 1st and 2nd classes for all types of trains unlimited number of times. The fare reduction is granted to the spouse of the pensioner, but only if they are travelling together. The fare reduction is granted on the basis of identity card with a photograph, on the basis of which one's identity,citizenship and age is determined. Apart from identity and citizenship, pensioner should prove his status by means of a receipt from the current month or the month before or an authorised confirmation if he is receiving his pension through an account.
For journalists who are members of BiH Journalist Association for unlimited number of travels for the 1st and 2nd class. The basis for the fare reduction is the journalist membership card which is issued and annualy verified by the Journalist Association.
For group voyages of groups of at least 6 adult persons or if the passengers pay the ticket price for 6 adult persons (two children paying the ticket price are taken as one adult person).



Children from 4 up to 12 years of life (as well as children younger than 4 if a separate passenger seat is required) the reduction fare is granted, no matter if the required ticket is a one-way or a two -way ticket.
For the transport of blind people the reduction fare is granted for unlimited number of travels for the 1st and the second class. The privilege is used on the basis of a card issued and verified by the Blind People Association. The right to this fare reduction is granted to people who accompany the blind person on his travel.
 A group of 30 and more passengers  is also granted a fare reduction. The train ticket for all the members of a group of passengers is paid from the same point of departure to  the same destination point, even if the individual passengers break off the travel on passing stations.
Children up to 4 years of life can travel without paying a fee under the condition that a separate seat is not required and that they are traveling with an adult who possesses a train ticket. 
Advance booked monthly tickets for workers and students are issued for  workers or students for travelling from their place of residence to place of employment(school) under reduced prices which are listed separately in PT III . Advance booked monthly tickets for workers and students are valid for one calender month for unlimited number of travels in both directions on the marked relation.

The fare reductions of all types are granted on the basis of privileges with the additional payment up to 3 BAM for passengers who fail to buy the necessary train ticket, and report to the conductor.The passengers who fail to report to the conductor or deliberately avoid the control of train tickets will have to pay additional 10 BAM. The passengers travelling from a train point or station where they cannot purchase train tickets or if the ticket office is closed at the time of the arrival of the train do not have to pay and additional fee.

Travelling within entities:



For two-way travels.


For group travels of six or persons).

For single travels for old age, invalid or family pensioners, persons above 60 years of age and spouses of pensioners under the condition that they are BiH citizens. 

This right to fare reduction is proven by means of an identity card  or by the receipt of the last pension.

 For journalists by means of the membership card verified by the BiH Journalist Association.

For young people up to 26 years of age on the basis of international membership cards: ISIC*, ITIC*, SOSF* 


For children from 4 up to 12 years of age

Monthly workers' ticket for 50 travels per month on the basis of a workers card.

Blind persons and people who accompany them on the basis of a valid card verified by the Blind People's Association


Monthly students' ticket for up to 50 travels per month on the basis of a students' card


For railway workers with the P-4 card verified by FbiH Railway Company or RS Railway Company


For children up to 4 years of age if a separate seat is not requested





International traffic:


30% for group travels(travels in group of at least 6 adult persons, two children paying the train ticket are taken as one adult person)




For children from 4 up to 12 years of age. (individual railway companies envisage different age groups for children) 



A special offer for all categories of passengers, is formulated so that the ticket price depends on the age of passengers and the type of ticket the passenger is interested in.  By purchasing the INTER RAIL ticket it is possible to travel at all distances in the second class at the railway networks of the countries from the elected zones. INTER RAIL is an offer intended for persons below 26 years of age, adults over 26  and children from 4 to 12 years of age(children pay 50 % of the ticket price for adults). The countries members of the INTER RAIL  are grouped in 8 (eight) geografcal zones and it is on the passenger to decide the type of passa, of one two, or more zones. The type of pass that enables travelling on the whole network of 29 European railways, the railways in Marocco and ships of the naval companies HML i ATTICA,  is known under the name the global pass.The deadline of  validity of the IR card with the pass for one zone is 16 days. If the passenger decides to buy IR card with the pass for two zones the deadline of validity of ID card is 22 days, whereas for global pass the deadline of valdity of IR is one month.

The countries members of the InterRail are: 

Zone A :United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, 

Zone B : Norway,Sweden, Finland, 

Zone C : Danmark, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, 

Zone D : Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Zone E : France, Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg, 

Zone F : Spain, Portugal, Marocco, 

Zone G : Italia, Slovenia, Greece, Turkey, naval companies HML i ATTICA 

               ( Ancona/Bari/Brindisi i Korfu/ Patras) 

Zone H : Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Bulgaria, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

INTER RAIL ticket offers futher possibilities: 
The purchase of a two-way ticket with the discount of up to 50% from the point of departure to the destination point
The purcahse of a ticket with a discount of up to 50 % for transit routes if the chosen zones are not neighbouring zones.



 INTER RAIL ticket can be bought at international ticket officesat railway stations, or at the ticket office of the Olimpik travelling agency –three months before the first day of validity. 
INTER RAIL ticket  is made out to one person and it cannot be used by another person. 
During your voyage you can combine train transport with air, ship or road transport
The returned INTER RAIL ticket- 26 days before the first day of validity of the ticket enatails refunding of the whole amount of the ticket money; in other cases the money cannot be refunded
The fee for the sleeping car and the use of bed and sheets is paid fully


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