30 May 2024

Infrastructure – Railways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

  1. Organization and management of railway traffic
  2. Handling of control safety systems
  3. Safety of passenger and cargo transport
  4. Current and investment maintenance of substructure
  5. Construction of substructure objects
  6. Current and investment maintenance of superstructure
  7. Mechanized maintenance of superstructure
  8. Measurement and measuring technology of track geometry
  9. Measurement of free profile of track
  10. Maintenance of signaling and safety, telecommunication, EE facilities and contact network
  11. Introduction of new technologies in station safety system, security of road crossings, and remote control of electrical traction with tendency of further growth
  12. Preparation and development of railway regulations
  13. Introduction and maintenance of business IT and communication network
  14. Development of software applications
Passenger traffic
Freight transport
Doboj - Zenica Doboj7050
Zenica - Podlugovi - Zenica7050
Podlugovi - Rajlovac - Podlugovi7050
Sarajevo - Konjic - Sarajevo7050
Konjic - Mostar - Konjic7050
Mostar - Čapljina - Mostar7050
Brčko - Bos. Poljana - Brčko5050
Bos. Poljana - Banovići - Bos. Poljana-50
Tuzla - Dobošnica - Tuzla-50
Živinice - Kalesija - Živinice-50
Otoka Bosanska - Bihać - Otoka Bosanska5050
Bihać - Martin Brod - Bihać-50
Departure (in tons)
Return (in tons)
Doboj - Zenica - Doboj14502000
Zenica - Podlugovi - Zenica14502000
Podlugovi - Rajlovac - Podlugovi14502000
Sarajevo - Konjic - Sarajevo10151015
Rajlovac - BradinaKonjic - Bradina
Konjic - Mostar - Konjic20001015
Mostar - Čapljina - Mostar20001765
Dobošnica - Tuzla20001800
Brčko (Bukovac) - Bos. Poljana14001400
Bos. Bijela - TinjaBos. Poljana - Tinja
Bos. Poljana - Banovići11301500
Živinice - Kalesija (Zvornik)15001300
B. Novi (B. Otoka) - Martin Brod14002000
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Full name
* Railway rank
11Sarajevo - ČapljinaD4
12Bos. Šamac / Šamac - SarajevoD4
13doboj - TuzlaD4
14Brčko - BanovićiD4
15Živinice - ZvornikC3
17Bosanski Novi - KninD4
D4(Safe working load on pivot)22.5 tons
D4(Safe working load by meter lenght)8 t/m
C3(Safe working load on pivot)20.0 tons
C3(Safe working load by meter lenght)7.2 t/m

Narrow guage: 540,042 km
Dual guage: 68.453 km

Total lenght : 608,495 km


The total number of tunnels on railways of the Railways of the Federation of B&H represents: 163


The total number of bridges on railways of the Railways of the Federation of B&H represents: 233

The total number of viaducts on railways of the Railways of the Federation of B&H represents: 34

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